Free Spins Features in Online Slots

Sometimes, under the schemes of casinos, you get some slots with free spine. These are usually called as bonus spines, free bets or free games. Free spine slots mainly categorized into two parts as

  1. 1) Slots which can be retriggered and
  2. 2) Slots which cannot be retriggered.

Free spin always means as more probability to win. You can get free spines for slots when you squad a set number of free spine symbols. Before starting play, you have to check the free spine scheme of the casino. The free spine schemes of casinos may varies to different games. Many times, free spines are hand out you as a prize at the end of a separate bonus mini-game.
Here are some features of free spins in online slots-

Retriggering for More Free Spins

During the round of a free spins, the amazing feature of retriggering for more spine with a large number of slots enables a player to earn more free spines. When you line up a number of special free spine symbols, you get free spins to begin with and a prize of a new set of free spins. Most of the slots offer free spins to you, but not all.

Free Spins without Retriggering

Before the beginning of game, check the pay table of the slot machine. By this you could know that the free spins can be triggered or not. If there is no mention like that then you should assume that it does not retrigger. If there is no retrigger feature in game, then you can play out of free spins. After the last reel, you can get your free spins earning. It will take you into the standard play method.


In some casinos, before the beginning of a free spin round, you must select a number of free spins you need and associated multiplies also. It will make the player enables to select the level of volatility as they need. Some casinos offers you the higher multiplier for less spins such as 15 free spins with 20x multiplier, 50 free spins with 4x multiplier.

For the chance of higher retriggering many player likes to choose larger number of free spins but for less risk and highest multiplier, some people select least number of spins. You should read the paytable to check that game is offering free spins with or without retriggering feature.